Alarm Systems

In addition to perimeter security, an alarm is an essential part of your overall security package. Alarm systems not only provide security whilst you are away from home, they can also protect unused areas when you are at home.

When designing an alarm system, we begin with an on site visit and assessment. We look at the size and layout of your home or business, as well as how you use it. From this assessment we create an alarm system to suit your home or business, covering the key areas with detectors and reed switches.

Why choose Argus?

  • We use quality components to provide reliable protection without the concern of false alarms. The brands we install are Hills and Ness who are well know through the industry for their quality products.
  • Our consultants will take the time to design an alarm system to best suit your property, keeping in mind your needs and budget.
  • Our installers are not contractors, they are employees of ours who are allocated the time to install your alarm system properly. They will take the extra time to run a cable to the best position for your alarm detectors, which will help eliminate false alarms.

Features of our Alarm Systems

  • We use Dualtech Motion Detectors. They use both passive infrared and microwave technology to avoid false alarms. This means that in order for the alarm to activate, both sensors must trip together.
  • Ability to be monitored back to mobile or back to base.
  • Partial arm feature to protect unused sections of the house when at home.
  • Movement sensors can be put on delay when leaving and entering your home giving you ample time to arm and disarm the system.
  • Our preference is to use hard wired alarm systems wherever possible, however wireless components are available and can be added to your system if you need coverage in an area that cannot be cabled.
  • Remotes are available for one touch arming & disarming of your system. This is particularly beneficial if you have a detector in your garage, allowing you to disarm the system before opening the door to park your car. In most cases, cables can be run to allow the alarm remotes to also operate your garage door. They can also be used as a mobile panic button in case of emergency.
  • Smoke detectors are available which run off the mains power or back up battery of the alarm system so you won’t need to change batteries every 12 months. If smoke is detected your alarm will activate, ensuring even the heaviest sleepers will be woken up.

Alarm system manuals



Main Panel with Back Up Battery

This panel is the central hub of the alarm system. It is connected to the main power via a dedicated power point installed by Argus, and is where all the components of the alarm system are wired back to.


The codepad is situated close to your main entry door. It is where the system is armed, disarmed, and programmed from. It can store multiple codes for different users.

Motion Detector

Motion detectors cover key areas of your home or business to detect intruders.

Reed Switch

This concealed magnetic switch is installed to your main entry door. When this door is opened the magnetic connection is broken which puts the alarm system on delay to give you time to enter your code and disarm the alarm.

Internal Noisemaker

This recessed noisemaker is installed into the ceiling in a central part of the house. It emits a very loud 120dB siren to make it very uncomfortable and deafening for whoever is inside.

External Siren & Strobe

This is installed to the external wall or eave of the house. It has a siren to alert people in the neighbourhood that the alarm has activated. It also has a strobe light which continues flashing until the alarm is disarmed.

Remote Key Fob

Used to remotely arm/disarm the alarm system, can be wired to operate most garage doors and are a mobile panic button.

Smoke Detector

We can install smoke detectors which will run off the mains power or back up battery of your alarm system, and will sound your alarm when smoke is detected.

DAS photo electric and thermal smoke detector