Window Grilles

Window grilles are an important security feature for homes and businesses. They provide many great features such as:

  • Security
  • Securely allowing airflow, which is particularly important if you have evaporative cooling
  • Protection to stop children falling out of windows
  • Glass protection from vandalism and breakage

Window grilles can be installed to most windows in place of your existing flyscreen.


INVISI-GARD Fixed Window Grilles

The perfect flyscreen alternative for your windows! The Invisi-gard Fixed Window Grille gives you security without compromising your view.

INVISI-SCAPE Opening Window Grilles

If you are after the clear look and security that INVISI-GARD Window Grilles offer, but wonder “How would I escape in an emergency?” – INVISI-SCAPE is for you!

Diamond Window Grilles

Diamond Window Grilles are a cost effective option to add security to your window.