Roller Shutters

roller shuttersInstalling Roller Shutters in Canberra for 25 years.

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Provide comfort in your home all year round with roller shutters from Argus. Our roller shutters are perfect for the Canberra climate. They will insulate your house by providing an external insulated barrier for your windows, making them more effective than curtains or blinds. They are the most comprehensive security product we sell and will add value to your home.

What features do our roller shutters offer?

  • Security
  • Noise reduction
  • Light control (ideal for shift workers and nurseries)
  • Reduces fade on your furniture and flooring
  • Insulation – reducing your heating and cooling bills
  • Wind protection
  • Bushfire protection
  • Privacy
  • Ventilation while still having privacy and insulation benefits
  • Alternative window furnishing – eliminate the need for curtains and blinds
  • Solar power, electric, battery or manual winder operation