Privacy Screens & Awnings

Tough & Durable Privacy Screens with Timeless Designs, Available in Canberra

Aluminium screens are a modern addition to any home, featuring a fixed powder-coated louvre system which serves multiple purposes at once – increased privacy, more shade and enhanced weather control.

The fact that they’re made of aluminium ensures a timeless design that works with any home exterior’s existing aesthetic. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications in Canberra, our sturdy privacy screens ensure added protection for your windows, outdoor entertaining areas, decking and more.

Not only do these cleverly designed aluminium screens add privacy and temperature control, but they also enhance the overall value of your home. Argus Security is able to offer expert advice and recommendations on which aluminium privacy screen products are best suited to the needs of your household, while keeping in tune with the exterior aesthetic of your home.privacy screens



We provide end-to-end installation of privacy screens and awnings in Canberra

Did you know that an effective shade awning above your window can filter out 90% of the sun’s heat, saving you money on your power bills? Not only that, but an aluminium awning is far more durable than its fabric counterpart, outlasting them ten-fold. Our aluminium awnings are impervious to warping, rusting or fading.

Similar to our carefully curated selection of aluminium privacy screens, our modern aluminium awnings are an alternative option for providing protection from the weather and adding privacy to your home. Highly functional and effortlessly stylish, our range of privacy awnings are available in a variety of colours.


Made in Canberra, with efficient installation in your home or commercial space

We design and manufacture our aluminium awnings here in our Hume warehouse for the Canberra climate. This means we’re able to produce bespoke solutions that are tailored to the façade of your home.

Our awnings will also protect your windows from rain and hail damage in storms, as the material is robust and provides superior protection. At Argus Security, we can also install our awnings over your outdoor entertaining areas or patios.

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To speak with a professional member of the Argus Security team about our Canberra privacy screen and awning installations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We also install, repair and service all the other aspects of your home security system, from window security screens and roller shutters, to safes, heavy duty screen doors and more.