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Security Door Locks In Canberra

At Argus Security, we are meticulous about sourcing the most sturdy and reliable security door locks on the market. Whether it’s for your glass sliding door at the rear of the house, your front door flyscreen or other entryway, we only install dependable security door locks from industry-leading brands like Whitco and Lockwood.

Aside from being strong enough to deter burglars, your security door locks should also be convenient and easy to use. Rest assured, our selection of security door locks are innovatively designed by experts, and manufactured with quality materials to ensure they protect your home or business for many years to come.

Explore our great range below and don’t hesitate to contact us for expert advice and recommendations on which item will best suit your specific needs.

Our Whitco Leichhardt Sliding Security Door Lock is available Canberra-wide

This is a mortice sliding door lock to suit security and flyscreen doors.

  • Suits either left or right hand opening doors
  • Parrot beak deadlock
  • Self-latching
  • Internal snib lock
  • Key deadlock from both sides
  • Key overrides snib operation
  • Available in black, white, brown or primrose
Image of a security door lock

Lockwood 8654 Hinged Security Door Lock for your Canberra property

This retrofits and supersedes the Whitco Tasman MK2 and MK3 locks.

  • Two-stage key locking, offers safety and security for all occupants by giving a choice of selecting safety mode or secure mode when exiting the home
  • Turning the key to the first selection engages the safety lock – this offers security from the outside whilst allowing occupants inside to safely exit using the internal lever and snib
  • Turning the key to the second selection engages the secure lock – this provides internal and external security, and requires the key to unlock the door from inside and outside
  • Suits left or right hand opening doors
  • Key locking from both sides
  • Inside snib locking (with key override)
  • Self-latching with stainless steel hook deadbolt for improved security performance
  • Optional three-point kits available for premium security
  • Available in black, white, brown or primrose
Photo of a black security door lock

Efficient and reliable security door lock installation services in Canberra

Eager to bolster your home’s security? At Argus Security, we have years of experience installing security door locks, roller shutters, privacy screens, Colorbond fencing, security doors and other home security components right across Canberra.

To arrange security door lock installation for your Canberra home or business, simply drop us a line and we’ll be happy to assist.

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