Canberra Security Doors

Argus Home Security Solutions have been making Security Doors in Canberra for 38 years. Therefore we know what it takes to keep your home safe and secure.
We manufacture security screens for doors and windows here in Canberra. No matter what your budget or design, we have a security screen for you. Feel safe with peace of mind with a security door from Argus Home Security Solutions.

Why Choose a Security Door?

Security doors are an important part of any home.
The advantages of choosing a quality door over a cheaper alternative are;

    • Provides a barrier for your families safety
    • Additional security to your solid or glass door
    • Allows airflow through your house without compromising your safety
    • Provides a visual deterrent to potential burglars
    • Keeps flies and mosquitoes out
    • Enhances the value of your home

Argus manufactures a diverse range of security doors in Canberra, including the INVISI GARD range. Invisi Gard is endorsed by World Champion Boxer Danny Green. Our products suit all homes and budgets.
All our security screens doors are manufactured in our Hume workshop, here in Canberra. They are custom built to ensure they fit your door frame perfectly. A door that is made to measure looks neater and further enhances security.
Argus Home Security Solutions can rekey your new door to match an existing key in most cases. If this is not possible, any doors installed as part of the same order will be supplied keyed alike.
Lock heights can be adjusted to adhere to Australian Standards.

INVISI-GARD Security Doors

INVISI GARD provides optimum security without compromising visibility, therefore a perfect addition to any entry. This also provides safety without bars and grilles. Kids, cats, dogs and burglars have met their match with INVISI invisigard doorsGARD!
We manufacture INVISI GARD Security doors right here in Canberra, we make them using High Tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh. This mesh is then fixed to the aluminium frame using a unique patented retention system. This system does not require screws or any other form of mechanical fixing to secure the mesh therefore removing the possibility of corrosion due to contact between dissimilar metals. Available for single doors or sliding doors.
Invisi Gard is constructed with a powder coated frame, high quality locks and fixtures and anti-corrosion mesh. Hence, you can be assured your INVISI-GARD security door is built to last with a 15 year warranty,. They will look good and stand secure for years to come.

Invisi-Brochure [pdf]


Diamond Grille Security Doors

security doors canberraOur traditional diamond grille security screen doors are built in Canberra with the quality and strength that is essential when securing your home. Doors made to measure and pass Australian Standards. A triple lock, 3 hinges, polycarbonate lock guard and a quality Whitco lock with locking snib feature come standard.
Customise the look of your door with our large range of powder coat colours. Choose between fibreglass, one-way vision, pet mesh or tough mesh.


Colonial Castings Safety & Security Doors

Colonial Castings Safety Doors give a traditional look to your home. They are available in a wide range of patterns to suit hinged and sliding security doors, as well as sidelight panels.
The Colonial Castings Screen Doors are supplied with a single point lock and fibreglass mesh as standard, however you can upgrade the mesh to one-way, pet or tough mesh. You can upgrade to high tensile stainless steel Invisigard mesh. This mesh is secure and can not be penetrated. A triple lock for complete security is supplied as standard. Choose from a wide range of available colours for the powder coated frame and panels.

Need to secure you windows too? Check out our Window Grilles or Roller Shutters