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roller shutters40+ Years’ Experience in Canberra Roller Shutter Installation, Repair & Servicing

At Argus Security, we specialise in sleek, strong and durable roller shutters that provide comfort in your home all year round.

Our secure roller shutters are perfect for the Canberra climate – they insulate your house by providing an external insulated barrier for your windows, which is much more effective than curtains or blinds. They’re also the most comprehensive security product that we offer, resulting in a premium quality addition to your home that serves two purposes at once and adds value to your property.

Argus has been installing, repairing and servicing roller shutters in Canberra for over two decades. Our dedicated team is always available to provide expert advice that’s tailored to your specific house and your unique needs. Our roller shutters can be operated several different ways – via simple solar-powered remote control, electric operation connected to the mains, battery powered or by manual winder from the exterior of the home.

Whether you’re looking to add privacy to your home or you’d like to reduce your energy bills, you’ll find the ideal roller shutter solution in our expansive collection. There are a wide variety of colour schemes to choose from, so you can find the ideal product to match your home’s existing décor.

What benefits do our roller shutters offer for your Canberra home?

There are many benefits to having window roller shutters installed at your home, such as;

  • Added security
  • Noise reduction
  • Light control (ideal for shift workers and nurseries)
  • Reduces fade on your furniture and flooring
  • Insulation – reducing your heating and cooling bills
  • Wind protection
  • Bushfire protection
  • Privacy
  • Ventilation (while still having privacy and insulation benefits)
  • Alternative window furnishing (eliminates the need for curtains and blinds)

Commercial roller shutters in Canberra

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Argus provides a heavy-duty commercial roller shutter solution for warehouses or shop windows – this offers high grade commercial security for your office, retail/hospitality shop or other type of workspace. Unlike roller doors, window shutters have a compact roller at the top of the curtain and consist of horizontal slats locked together rather than a single curtain. Our commercial roller shutters use an extruded slat and heavy-duty guides which can be 240v operated, battery or spring assisted with a key lock.

Do you need roller shutter repairs or servicing?

Window roller shutters are exceedingly strong and secure for the most part, but every now and then you might find yourself in need of roller shutter repairs. Whether your roller shutters have simply aged, been dinted or damaged, fallen victim to general wear and tear or they need a motor replaced, Argus can help. With over 20 years’ experience in Canberra roller shutter installations, repairs and servicing, our professional team can restore your shutters to optimal condition efficiently.

Save on Canberra energy bills, with our roller shutter installation

Rising energy costs are an issue for every Australian homeowner. However, there are many ways to reduce these costs, none of which are more efficient and effective than installing roller shutters on your windows. By investing in roller shutters for your Canberra home, you add another layer of insulation to your windows which keeps the house cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months.

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