Plantation Shutters Canberra

Our shutter systems are made from powder coated reinforced aluminium. This makes them strong, secure and maintenance free. Shutters are available in hinged, sliding or bi-fold lockable design as well as fixed panels. Improve the look and value of your home with their wide range of applications.

Plantation Shutters

A fresh new perspective on home security is provided with window shutters. They are extremely secure, their sleek design and stylish good looks make them ideal for both traditional and contemporary settings.

what are plantation shutters made of?

Plantation shuttersOur shutters are made from powder coated reinforced metal, the shutters are available in a hinged, sliding or bi-fold design. They are lockable and aero-foil louvers make them easy to operate. This allows plenty of light and air to flow indoors.

Durable and maintenance free, Sure-Safe shutters are superior to timber. The reinforced metal will not crack, shrink, or warp making them perfect for wet areas and outdoors, and they won’t break your budget. You will save money on blinds and curtains, and improve the re-sale value of your home with these elegant additions.

Are plantation shutters for inside or outside?

We make shutters for both indoors and outdoors. In both scenarios, they act as a security screen and added insulation. Because our shutters are made from aluminium they will not rust in the rain and with weather exposure.  Used externally around patios and outdoor areas as a feature or garden screen, or to enclose an area.

Patio-Safe Shutters

Patio-Safe all weather louvers are designed for patios, pergolas, courtyards, balconies, carports and gazebos. In fact, use them anywhere you need to control privacy and weather.

Window shutters allow uninterrupted airflow and light in and keeping the hot sun out, and are an attractive architectural feature. Simply adjust the aerofoil louvers and you can control the sun and light while maintaining privacy and security.

Durable and maintenance free, Patio-Safe shutters will not shrink, warp or crack. And they won’t break your budget.

On average, how much do plantation shutters cost?

The cost will vary, depending on:

plantation shutters

  • window size
  • window quantity
  • shutter type
  • style
  • finishes
  • louvre size
  • materials needed
  • made to measure designs

From the free measure quote, we can discuss your design and colour choices, and provide a price based on your requirements. Hume-based Argus Security provides a free quote service if you would like to enquire about our aluminium shutters and other contemporary security solutions.

Do they add extra security to your household?

Homeowners should never give home security a second thought. Not just for possible home invasions or break-ins but also for strenuous weather conditions. Roller shutters are a practical option for security purposes. They protect incredibly well against invasive intruders and also safeguard glass windows from demanding weather conditions. On the downside, their are an external fitting only and here is where plantation shutters play the upper hand. Whether installed inside a window frame or externally, shutters always produce an elegant and well-balanced appearance to a homeowner’s property. Like roller shutters, they provide dependable assistance when fending off intruders.

Additionally they feature louvres for you to adjust airflow and sunlight while maintaining privacy for you and your family. Assembling and installing plantation shutters Canberra is what local company Argus Security is highly adept at.

How long do plantation shutters last?

Because of our durable and strong material, unlike their wooden counterpart our reinforced metal shutters will last a lifetime. 

The Benefits of Aluminium Plantation Shutters

They will not fade or warp and are easy to clean. The solid construction of our shutters means they are an additional layer to your home security.