Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates

Argus Home Security Solutions can supply and install automated gates for your home or premises. With close to 40 years of experience, we will make attractive and functional gates to further secure your home.

automatic gates

Gates can be made from Colorbond to match existing fences, or from Aluminium slats, powder coated to your choice of colour. Automation can be sliding, or single or double hinged to make a swing gate. If you have an existing gate, in most cases we can fit the automation kit to it. We make gates to any height, standard fence heights or gates made to measure.

Solar Powered Gates

Operating your gates by solar operation is a cheaper option than connecting to mains. The solar panel will charge a battery pack that operates the gates. The solar kit sits subtly on the side of the gate, not detracting from the panels or your home facade. A soft open/close feature will add a touch of elegance.

Electric Gates

Our gates can be connected to mains power with a 240V operation.  All our gates can be operated with a remote control, or a digital code pad fixed to the gate.

Gate Openers

Either battery or Solar powered, gate openers can easily be fitted to your existing gates.


All our gates come with an emergency override feature and safety beams.There is minimum maintenance required, our gates are made to last for years. With our powder coated finish or colorbond panels, they wont rust and will not rot like timber.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I fit auto openers to existing gates?

Yes in most cases that is possible as long as the gate is in reasonable order and swings freely.

Can I run the gates on Solar Power?

Yes, and in most cases it is cheaper to add solar than run electricity to the gates. The solar panel charges a battery pack, and the battery pack powers the gate controller.

Will the gates hit my car if it is in the way?

No. We install safety PE Beams to prevent this. The gates can be programmed for auto closing after a delay time, they wont close until the remote is pressed again

Can the gates be sliding?

The gates can be sliding, 2 leaf hinged, or single leaf hinged. It all depends on your layout.