Automatic Gates

Enhance Your Security with Automatic Gates Installation in Canberra

Enhance the security and elegance of your property with an expert automatic gates installation in Canberra by Argus. With nearly four decades of specialised experience, we are dedicated to providing you with sophisticated, high-performance automated gates that promise both functionality and aesthetic appeal, fortifying your home or business premises without compromising on style.

Innovative Customisation and Seamless Automation

At Argus Security, we understand that every property is unique. This is why we offer custom-designed gates crafted from premium materials such as resilient Colorbond to harmonise with your existing fences, or robust Aluminium slats, each powder-coated to your preferred colour specification. Our automatic gates installation in Canberra includes a versatile range of automation options: choose from smooth-sliding gates or opt for single or double-hinged gates that swing open for a grand entrance.

Do you already have a gate installed? No problem. Our expertise allows us to integrate an automation kit into most existing gate structures, transforming them into modern, convenient entryways. From standard fence heights to tailor-made solutions, we promise gates that cater to your individual requirements and specifications.

Solar Powered Gates: An Eco-Friendly Solution

Embrace sustainability with our solar-powered gates, an economical alternative to traditional mains connection. The intelligent design includes a discreet solar panel that charges a dedicated battery pack, ensuring reliable gate operation. This solar kit, positioned unobtrusively alongside the gate, preserves the beauty of your panels and home facade. Moreover, the sophisticated soft open/close feature confirms every entry and exit is a graceful one.

Electric Gates: Power and Efficiency

For those preferring a constant power supply, our electric gates are the perfect solution, operating on a steady 240V mains connection. Convenience is at your fingertips with all our gates, as each can be operated via a remote control or a secure digital code pad affixed to the gate, enhancing the security protocol of your property.

Reliable Gate Openers

Whether you choose battery or solar-powered options, our gate openers are engineered for easy installation on your existing gates, proving our automatic gates installation in Canberra to be a hassle-free enhancement to your security system.

Uncompromised Safety and Durability

Safety and durability are the cornerstones of our service. All our automatic gates come equipped with an emergency override feature and protective safety beams, ensuring peace of mind. Requiring minimal maintenance, our gates are built for resilience and longevity. The powder-coated finish or Colorbond panels guarantee a rust-free experience, sidestepping the decay common to timber gates, and promising an enduring, pristine appearance.

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Invest in the security of your property with Argus’ automatic gates installation in Canberra, where quality craftsmanship meets innovative technology, offering you a seamless blend of safety, convenience, and style. We also specialise in Colorbond Fencing, plantation shutters, slat fencing/gates, privacy awnings and more. Get in touch today.