Window Grilles

Window GrillesWindow grilles are an important security feature for homes and businesses. They provide many great features such as:

  • Security
  • Securely allowing airflow, which is particularly important if you have evaporative cooling
  • Protection to stop children falling out of windows
  • Glass protection from vandalism and breakage

Window grilles can be installed to most windows in place of your existing flyscreen.

INVISI-GARD Fixed Window Grilles

The perfect flyscreen alternative for your windows! The Invisi-gard Fixed Window Grille is installed with security screws to the full window or just the opening section. The advantage is not only security, but the clear view you will keep. Year after year it will look the same as it did on day one. No more useless flyscreens with bent frames, and torn faded mesh!

Invisi-gard is bush fire rated up to BAL-40, and perfect for securing windows opening up onto pool areas.

INVISI-SCAPE Opening Window Grilles

If you are after the clear look and security that INVISI-GARD Window Grilles offer, but wonder “How would I escape in an emergency?” – INVISI-SCAPE is for you!

Easy to operate, the INVISI-SCAPE system allows you to exit the building freely in case of an emergency, being the perfect solution for bedroom windows. Security is not compromised with this system. When fully closed it is completely secure externally.

The INVISI-SCAPE Window Grilles also allow for better access to the window for cleaning or replacing glass.

Diamond Window Grilles

Diamond Window Grilles are a cost effective option to add security to your window. They can be installed to the full window or just the opening section in place of your flyscreen. Available in a wide range of powder coat colours to suit your decor.